Helping professional women attract their ideal partner and get into a meaningful long-term relationship, without wasting so much time and effort

Our Mission

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I created my consulting firm for professionals & entrepreneurial women who are successful in their career or business, but don’t have the same success in their romantic lives.

What’s the point of having a great professional life if you don’t have the right man to share your life with? I believe that every woman can have the best of both worlds. A great career and a great love life with that special someone.

My mission is to help my clients succeed in their love life, attract their life partner and get into a meaningful relationship without wasting so much time and energy.

I really do believe that who we choose as our partner will be one of the most important decisions we will ever make and will make our life so much happier and fulfilled!

Through my coaching and consulting program, my goal is to give you the roadmap and the tools to succeed in your love life so that you can have someone to share life with.

If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed and don’t know what you're doing wrong, and long for a lasting and fulfilling relationship to accompany your life and successes, then keep reading on.

No More:

🚫 Getting led on by narcissistic men who are emotionally unavailable

🚫 Waiting months or years for the next love of your life to come along

🚫 Countless chats on dating apps that lead nowhere or finding out there’s no chemistry

🚫 Getting with men who don’t want a fulfilling long-term relationship

🚫 Struggling to find deeper chemistry with the right guy

🚫 Not being able to navigate the online dating world effectively and wasting your time

🚫 Not getting approached by your dream man

🚫 Being with men who don’t align with your goals and values

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✅ Women who are professionals in their field

✅ Busy entrepreneurial women

✅ Women who already have success in their field, but want success in their dating and relationship life

✅ Women who are in a place in their life where they want to find a life partner

✅ Women who are in a long term relationship & want to fix their relationship or marriage


✅ Being able to attract Mr. Right through apps or in real life, who also is looking to be in a committed long-term relationship

✅ Finding the right man who you share a deep intimate connection with and is emotionally available

✅ Being able to navigate the online dating app world in the most effective way possible

✅ Attracting the right man who wants to settle down, get married or raise a family

✅ Helping you develop more confidence within and knowing that you are enough

✅ Finding a high quality partner who is successful, ambitious and faithful

✅ Getting more in touch with your femininity and being more attractive

✅ Getting men to approach you and ask you out when you are out

✅ Fostering or rekindling love and passion in a committed relationship to make it stronger

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Meet Head Coach and Founder Pete O’Neal

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Founder and mentor Pete O'Neal with his wife

Earlier in life, I struggled in my communication and dating life. I wasn’t born a natural like some of the friends I grew up with. I also didn’t have the social circle to always be exposed to women, and never had someone in school or a parent to teach me how to have success in my dating and relationship life.

So, I failed. That’s when I started on my self development journey to learn more about dating and relationships and how to succeed. I read all the dating books, went to seminars and learned from the best personal development coaches at that time. I started to have more success with women, which ultimately led to finding and attracting my wife whom I met one day at the gym. Going up to her was the best decision of my life.

After figuring it out for myself, I started mentoring my friends who began having crazy transformations. I then began taking real clients after that. Since then, it's been my mission to help other people who were in the same boat that I was so that they can improve their dating lives, and get into a meaningful relationship with their dream partner.

To me, there’s nothing more sad than having all the success in a career if you are all alone and can’t share life’s greatest blessings with someone, or are stuck in a mediocre relationship. The wrong man will cancel out a lot of your success and happiness, causing you heartache and feeling like you want to give up.

The good news is that if a woman wants to have a better love life, she can if she learns the right tools to get into a loving relationship that she’s always dreamed of. However, you have to be willing to have an open mind and get coaching to help you fix the patterns you keep repeating. You need a roadmap to finding the one.

The other side of the coin would be to keep on doing the same thing that you are doing, keep attracting the wrong guys and wasting more years of your life with the same results. Stop waiting for the love of your life to magically just show up one day! I see some women do this and they literally wait for years, and then just end up settling.

“Life without love, is no life at all” -Leonardo da Vinci

What does the application process look like?

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The first step is to fill out my application form. By completing the form, you are giving me some information about yourself and current situation so I know how I can specifically help you out.

A team member will call you and interview you

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Next, someone from my team or myself will contact you via phone to set up the free consultation call.

We coordinate an appointment together

3. We hop on a free consultation call.

This will be a 45 minute to an hour call to further understand your situation. I can then see how I can best customize a step-by-step plan to help you reach your specific goals from your current place.

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