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Our Mission

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My mission is to help the good men out there who are professionals in their field to find and attract their perfect partner who understands them and get into a meaningful relationship without sacrificing their career and goals. What I stand for is meaningful connections and relationships.

What I do not stand for is giving my clients the tools to use women, or the whole casual hookup lifestyle. If that is what you are looking for, I’m not your guy. If a man wants to meet their dream partner, they do need to be able to meet women and get dates, but they need to date intentionally.

This means having a proper game plan to get dates so that they can find the right woman. But, if your intention is to actually not get into a serious relationship, then I don’t want to help.

The clients I work with are successful men in their profession who are in a place in their life where they are looking for their life partner, and want to find their queen.

I really do believe that who we choose as a life partner will be one of the most important decisions us men will ever make. However, some men think that just because they are successful at what they do that it’s going to translate into their love lives. That’s not always the case.

Through my coaching and consulting program, my goal is to give you the roadmap and the tools to succeed in your love life.

If you are feeling frustrated and don’t know what you're doing wrong, and long for a lasting and fulfilling relationship to accompany your life and successes, then keep reading on.

No More:

🚫 Coming back from work and sitting in your empty home without someone great to share your evenings with

🚫 Waiting months or years for the next love of your life to come along

🚫 Having boring platonic conversations in real life that lead to nowhere

🚫 Wasting countless hours in dm conversations on dating apps that fizzle out

🚫 Not knowing what to say to keep the conversation going or to create a spark

🚫 Feeling regret for not being able to talk to women you come across in your daily life activities

🚫 Not being able to articulate your personal stories or experiences to make you more interesting

🚫 Losing the interest of attractive women after the first date

🚫 Getting constantly put in the friendzone because you give off the nice guy vibes

🚫 Using fantasy to substitute for real life interactions

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Client Results

Alan testimonial


"Before joining, I had trouble going out on dates with women. Pete has helped me improve my social skills and I've gotten more comfortable around women and have been able to go out on more dates with them. Overall I feel more confident in myself and happy in my life"

Problem: Alan had a hard time meeting women in person or online, and wasn’t able to properly communicate or connect with them the way he wanted because he struggled with his self-confidence.

🔎 Solution: After pinpointing his weaknesses, we went deep every week to build his confidence up, and put it into practice in other social situations as well. I helped him unlock how to portray his personality and communicate himself effectively.

🎁 Result: He was able to achieve that freeing feeling of not being preoccupied with others reactions, and he could finally date the women he wanted to date.

Weston testimonial


"I have made leaps and bounds of progression with women"

Problem: Weston is living in another state where there are not as many opportunities to meet women like in a big city.

🔎 Solution: I tailored a strategy to his needs and taught him what it means to convey himself through storytelling, then how to put it into action to create value and attraction whenever he meets with women.

🎁 Result: His social skills have drastically improved, and he is now able to easily meet women despite having low romantic opportunities where he lives.

Steven testimonial


"I'm 29 years old and have met this awesome girl who is 20 that I connected with, and she is now my girlfriend"

Problem: This client was really scared to strike up conversations with women, and had a bad anxiety approaching them.

🔎 Solution: I helped him overcome all his anxieties when it comes to talking or approaching women. I also introduced online dating to this client, and pushed him to go out on dates with girls that would have normally rejected him.

🎁 Result: He became more confident in himself, and is now happy that he found someone perfect for him. date.


✅ Men who are professionals in their field

✅ Busy entrepreneurs and business owners

✅ Men who already have success in their field, but want success in their dating and relationship life

✅ Men who are in a place in their life where they want to find a life partner


✅ Eliminating limiting beliefs that hold you back from having success, and cultivating supreme confidence not only women you desire, but in all aspects of life

✅ Building an attractive profile that gets you more matches with women you actually like

✅ Improving your charisma and becoming more attractive

✅ How to text women effectively and meet them out in real life

✅ Being able to get emotionally deeper with women and sharpen your interpersonal skills

✅ Knowing what to say and how to create conversations with women in any situation

✅ Knowing how to run dates successfully and get follow up dates

✅ Getting into a meaningful relationship with your dream partner

✅ Telling stories about your life that are engaging and exciting to draw people in

✅ Understanding what women want in a partner, whether is in the dating stages or relationship stages

✅ Be able to get consistent dates with beautiful women you meet in real life and on dating apps so that you can find the right one

✅ Fostering or rekindling love and passion in a committed relationship to make it stronger

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Meet Head Coach and Founder Pete O’Neal

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Founder and mentor Pete O'Neal with his wife

Earlier in life, I struggled in my communication and dating life. I wasn’t born a natural like some of the friends I grew up with. I also didn’t have the social circle to always be exposed to women, and never had someone in school or a parent to teach me how to have success in my dating and relationship life

So, I failed. That’s when I started on my self development journey to learn more about dating, and how to succeed. I read all the dating books, went to seminars and learned from the best personal development coaches at that time. I started to have more success with women, which ultimately led to finding and attracting my wife whom I met one day at the gym. Going up to her was the best decision of my life.

After figuring it out for myself, I started mentoring my friends who began having crazy transformations. I then began taking real clients after that. Since then, it's been my mission to help other people who were in the same boat that I was so that they can improve their dating lives, and get into a meaningful relationship with their dream partner.

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” - Tony Robbins

What does the application process look like?

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1. You apply for a free consultation call

The first step is to fill out my application form. By completing the form, you are giving me some information about yourself and current situation so I know how I can specifically help you out.

A team member will call you and interview you

​2. A team member will contact you.

Next, someone from my team or myself will contact you via phone to set up the free consultation call.

We coordinate an appointment together

3. We hop on a free consultation call.

This will be a 45 minute to an hour call to further understand your situation. I can then see how I can best customize a step-by-step plan to help you reach your specific goals from your current place.

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What can my coaching and consulting program do for YOU?

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