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What is Men Ignited?

Men Ignited is a private community of men who come together to learn, share and help each other grow. Our mission is to grow in all areas of life including wealth, relationships, as well as mental and physical capacities. In today’s modern world, men have become more isolated than ever before and many are lacking connections with other men.

Society is trying to convince us that being a masculine man is inherently a bad thing, but as men we need to have purpose, challenges and influence over our lives. We believe masculinity to be a healthy and vital part of our identity that when diminished, leaves a man lost. You can expect to become part of a brotherhood and elite network of men who want to advance further in life, both financially and personally.

You’ll be challenged to do and be better, and be expected to want to help others to succeed as well. This mens inner circle shares their best business and financial strategies to achieve more abundance in wealth and have more financial freedom to do the stuff they love, with the people they love.

Who Is This For?

✅ Professionals or entrepreneurs, and men who have already achieved a level of success but strive for more.

✅ Men who want to build stronger relationships with a community of other like minded men to grow and learn alongside.

✅ Men who want to make more money and achieve financial freedom, and are open to discussing the ways to get there or their own strategies for how they got there.

✅ Men who want to expand their network and have a stronger social circle.

✅ Men looking to better their relationships with their partner or wife.

✅ Men who appreciate vulnerability and the ability to give and receive support.

✅ Single men looking to improve their dating life and find a meaningful relationship.

✅ Growth oriented men who understand the value of being lifelong students in the continuous pursuit of knowledge.

What Men Ignited Can Do For You

✅ Be part of a brotherhood of men who support each other, give each other feedback and help each other grow.

✅ Sharpen interpersonal skills and be able to build stronger relationships with other men.

✅ Become a better leader of your life, and with your woman and family.

✅ Improve your intimate relationships with your girlfriend or wife by being the man she wants, and understanding the difference between male and female natures.

✅ Boost your career and finances through a mastermind network of men who share new ideas and push each other.

✅ Strengthen your masculinity and confidence to be the man that others look up to.

✅ Become a better communicator, presenter and storyteller to get your point across in all areas of life.

✅ Become more charismatic and socially skilled.

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Our Core Pillars

⚡️ Mental fortitude - Having a formidable mindset is everything. Life will always test us with challenges, rejections, setbacks and temporary defeats. But it’s not about what life throws at us, but in how we react and willingly overcome that reveals our true character. Without having a strong mindset, we will break everytime and become victims of our own fate.

⚡️ Verbal competency - The quality of our relationships will always be determined by the quality of our communication. Whether it is in influencing our spouse, kids or trying to get our ideas across to people in the marketplace, we need to have proper and effective communication. This means knowing how to stand up for ourselves, not avoid confrontation, learn effective persuasiveness and how to be more charismatic.

⚡️ Physicality - Our health is our wealth and without proper health, what do we really have? As men, we need to try to be in our best shape. This will allow us to take on life’s challenges with more energy, and to be present in our work and with our family.

⚡️ Spirituality - John 14:16, For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. We are God’s warriors and must keep our spiritual forces stronger than ever and be united as a unit.

What are the Steps to Join Men Ignited?

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