Why you don't need many matches in dating apps to find a girlfriend.
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Why you don't need many matches in dating apps to find a girlfriend.

Published Mon May 23 2022

Everyone knows that if an attractive woman uses dating apps, they literally will have thousands of men who have swiped yes on them.

For men it is quite the opposite. A lot of men who use dating apps don't get as many matches, and struggle to get dates with women.

Now hear me out. As a man, we will never have as many matches as women, but that doesn't mean we cannot succeed in getting dates and finding a girlfriend online.

Men don't need to have an abundance of matches with women. They just need to know how to stand out from the rest of the men who are completely clueless on what to do in dating apps, and learn how to win in this arena.

With my mentorship program I cover the 3 biggest areas that get you in the door with women.

There's three things you need to do.

#1 Is to Optimize your style in your pictures. A lot of men don't have a sense of style and fashion. They are trying to attract attractive women who dress nice and classy, look great, but when it comes to their own wardrobe it’s terrible. They think it looks good, but they never have gotten critiqued because no one wants to be the one who tells them the truth. When it comes to what they wear, it's usually boring and whack which equals no matches.

Every man has a different body type so it is important to wear something according to your shape/size and height.

I've created a system that works with different clients that makes them look more attractive and this leads to getting more quality matches with women, so they have a higher chance to meet up with them.

#2 Is posing and body language. The way that you express yourself through your pictures of non verbal communication can either mean you're very confident and thus more attractive, or display a lack of confidence and low value, which women won't even give you a chance to swipe yes on.

Posing is very underrated when it comes to your pictures and standing out to women. This is where I give my clients the exact recipe on how to pose and show them the winning formula that has been working for my other clients - they just have to replicate it.

#3 Is to have a fun and interesting bio. But remember, women won't even read it and give you a chance if the first two areas are lacking. The bio is all about who you are, what you love and where you are going. If you can add some humor in there that's definitely a plus.

With each client, I ask them a series of questions on their life and we write it out together. We make their bio come alive and make it more fun. It's all about expressing yourself in a strong and positive light. At the end of the day, women want a guy who is positive and outgoing besides having a great career/business.

If you implement these three big areas, you will go from barely getting any matches to getting consistent matches every week. That's all you need to be able to meet up with women and get more dates, so that you can find the right woman to get into a meaningful relationship with. You don’t need to have thousands of matches! All you need is a couple each week to succeed!

If you want the Winning Formula and feedback on how to stand out from the rest of the men and win in this arena, then send me a message and we will 10x your profile and help you with your texting. You will know exactly what to do to land more dates in real life and have success so that you can attract the perfect woman for you!