Why Some Men Will Never be with Their Dream Woman
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Why Some Men Will Never be with Their Dream Woman

Published Thu Jun 09 2022

Why most men will not be with the woman they truly desire.

#1: Most guys never decide to work on their dating life. Just like anything, dating is a skill you can learn and keep getting better at. The better that you get, the easier you will be able to attract your dream woman and get into a meaningful relationship.

The truth is that most guys don’t ever stop and try to work on their dating life because they’re “too busy.” They think it is not important, and that as long as they take care of their career or business and have success in that arena, everything will just work out and they will attract their dream girl. But that’s not the case!

Many guys have a great career but their dating lives are non-existent, or a lot of men are with girls that were just there in their life and are more of placeholders. And the majority of the time, it is with women they don’t truly desire.

I’m not trying to be the bad news bearer, but I'm trying to get men to wake the hell up and avoid getting divorced 10-15 yrs after they marry someone that doesn’t bring them real happiness. Yes, I said it - what you probably have witnessed a few times in your life already.

Love is the strongest of all emotions, and I want all men to be with their dream partner and be happy and fulfilled in this area of their life. That’s why I decided to do what I do! I have a love that has stopped me from searching, and the feeling is amazing. It truly enhances all aspects of your life.

There's two factors in a man's life that are most important.

The first is a man's purpose. A man needs to find his purpose, his mission and a drive to conquer his goals and dreams. He needs to feel motivated to keep chasing excellence in whatever field he decides to do.

The second is his relationships. Who he decides to choose as his life partner will be one of the most important decisions of a man's life. That will determine the man's happiness. because if he chooses just anyone he's not really into and she brings him misery,his life will be miserable. When life is miserable, you lose ambition for anything else.

The other side to this is if he chooses his dream woman. If she understands him and supports him and his goals and dreams, has a passionate and deep intimate connection with him, they have a vision together, create a family and are happy and fulfilled. His life will be magnified by the depth of his woman, and they will live a happy and prosperous life conquering all the battles that life throws at them.

A lot of men have this mindset where they first want to focus on their career or profession and after they have that aspect down then they will date. But if you think about it, that’s years of their life without knowing how to meet and attract women, so because they have no real knowledge, they just end up choosing a sub par partner and get into a mediocre relationship.

There's a couple of guys who get lucky and just find their dream girl without doing anything, but that's a rare exception. Most guys will not have that lucky break, and we can’t rely on luck to save us.

William Shakespeare said,“It is not in the stars that hold our destiny. But it is in ourselves.”

We can’t rely on luck to be with our dream woman!

Having success with women is a skill just like anything else in life.

Either you magnify your skills or you just end up taking whatever life gives you. And I promise you, it might not be much.

If you want to understand women and have success in your dating life to attract your dream partner then send me a DM and we will set up a consultation call!