Why do women find "bad boys" so attractive?
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Why do women find "bad boys" so attractive?

Published Thu May 11 2023

The concept of "bad boys" being irresistible to women is not new. It is a well-known trope in popular culture that has been portrayed in movies, TV shows, and books for decades. But why do women find these seemingly unpredictable and rebellious men so attractive?

One reason could be that bad boys exude confidence and charisma. They are often charming and assertive, and their care free attitude can be appealing to women who want a break from the predictable and safe “nice guys.”

Remember, predictability is the enemy of interesting. That’s why just being logical with women can be a major downfall to being able to create a spark and emotional connection when you first meet a woman.

Bad boys are also often seen as exciting and adventurous, which can be alluring for women who want to try new things and live life on the edge.

On the other hand, nice guys can sometimes come across as overly eager and lacking in confidence. They may be too concerned with pleasing others and avoiding conflict, which can be a turnoff for women who want a partner who is confident and assertive.

They also sometimes don’t display the boldness of risk taking and going after what they want. Especially with women!

For example, bad boys, because they are usually more confident in themselves and who they are, they are willing to take more risks such as approaching women and stating their intention. Women love men who are bold rather than guys who are shy and timid and won’t express their real feelings. If they get rejected from women. “Bad boys” don’t take it personally. They bounce back quicker and have the mindset, “if she doesn't like me. It’s her loss.” and keep going after what they want until they get it.

Nice guys, most of the time will do the opposite. They will not want to approach women because they are putting all their self worth on that one approach. They say to themselves, “If i approach her and talk to her, if i get rejected it’s over.” So that’s why bad boys will have a huge advantage over the rest of the nice guys who will get the remaining table scraps.

Also a lot of nice guys have the tendency to not state their intention with women they like, and when they are too friendly with women in their conversations and behavior, they get put in the friend zone! And they wonder why this keeps happening.

This right here is where I struggled for a long time until I found out what I was doing wrong and quickly changed my ways.

I like what Charles Darwin says: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change.”

However, it is important to note that being a "bad boy" is not a sustainable way to KEEP a woman. Relationships built on drama and unpredictability often do not last long and can be emotionally draining.

But in the beginning of dating, being unpredictable can be very attractive to women.

So, what can a man do to attract women without resorting to the bad boy persona? One way is to incorporate some of the positive qualities associated with bad boys, such as confidence, assertiveness, and spontaneity, into their personality without compromising their values and integrity. Another can be on improving his physique, style and the way he carries himself.

For example, a man can work on improving his communication skills and expressing his opinions more assertively. Being more grounded and being willing to disagree with a woman, even though from the logical sense, this might cause a confrontation. Nice guys will do anything in their power to avoid this which is their achilles heel. Having a backbone is so important!

Another thing that they can do is, LEAD the way! Masculine men are leaders and want to lead a woman. The one thing women hate in nice guys is the nice guys attitude on not leading like a man and being more of a follower. I’m not saying that you need to be a dictator but if you go out on a date with a woman, PLAN the date and when you guys get there lead the way!

I was watching this show on netflix the other day called Jewish Matchmaking.There’s so many examples in there of women getting set up on dates with guys who are successful professionals.

But the guys in the show display all of these traits that I’am talking about with the women there. Even though on paper, these guys have the financial resources, the money, the career, all the good traits for a long term partner. These women after the dates are still saying, “he was really nice, he seems like he can be a good long term partner but.. I didn’t feel a sexual connection with him” etc because they are not displaying the “bad boy” traits and then move onto the next date and it keeps happening.

One example was a guy, who was set up with a girl and on the third date, they were supposed to go out on a date. He messages the girl and says “ hey let’s hang out. I don't really know what I want to do. How about you set it up and let me know and we'll go out.” When the woman heard this she was immediately turned off, and on the date that they went on, she broke it off with him. There’s way more examples but when I saw this, it was very cringey to watch. My wife and I both looked at each other and started laughing. If you are reading this, do not make this silly mistake!

At the end of the day women want to feel desired, pursued and want to be seduced!

If you want to start getting better results with women, incorporate some of the positive traits that the bad boys have and add it into your arsenal.

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Looking forward to talking with you.