Single and Alone for the Holidays? Here’s What to do
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Single and Alone for the Holidays? Here’s What to do

Published Fri Dec 30 2022

It’s that time of the year again! When most people get off work, have some free time and get to spend it with their family and loved ones for the holidays!

The holidays are a great time to catch up with friends or with family members, eat all the yummy food and stuff our faces with dessert and cookies without feeling so guilty.

It’s a time we look to be sharing laughter with our loved ones and to give and receive presents.

The only problem is, studies have shown that Christmas day for single people is the most depressing day of the year, even beating out Valentine's day.

This is where you are going to get bombarded by your family members about your love life. All these questions about if you have a girlfriend, how your dating life is going, and if you’re ever going to settle down. Lots of annoying questions that we really feel uncomfortable responding to.

Let’s also not forget the comparison game that goes on at those family get togethers. No one might even be saying it aloud, but everyone’s bringing their significant other around, and if you don’t, they’re looking at you like they’re better, or something’s wrong with you.

If you are single and alone during the holidays and you feel a little melancholy, the best thing to do is to reflect on the good of what you do have! Write out a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life! Most people focus on what they don't have or want instead of what they have, and get into a downward spiral of negativity and feeling bad for themselves.

Get into a grateful state of mind and then reflect on the previous year. Maybe 2022 wasn’t the best year for your dating life. What did you learn from 2022 that you can take into 2023? If not much, then something has to change or most likely you will repeat 2022 again.

Think of 2023 as a year of possibility; of creating something new! You can completely change your life when it comes to finding the right partner for you. Ever heard the saying, in 6 months your life can become completely different? Well, it’s true. Maybe you didn't prioritize your dating life this year and because you neglected this area, and for that you weren’t able to meet women or get dates. But you could choose to work on this area right now, and within 6 months who knows, you could find the love of your life, or just be in a completely different spot in the dating world that you never would have expected.

2023 can be a great year for you if you decide that you want to work on this. After all, who you choose to be with as your life partner will be the most important decision of your life, so why not put in some effort into your dating life.

I believe in the law of cause and effect. For every action that you take, you will get a reaction. Most people don't follow this rule, and think that by doing absolutely nothing about their love lives that they will just run into their perfect partner.

How much longer do you want to wait for your dream woman to come into your life?

If you are tired of being alone this year, coming home to an empty apartment and want a meaningful relationship, then you have to take action!

The best way to find your dream partner is to have a proper game plan and put yourself out there. You need to meet women and go on consistent dates so that eventually, you can meet the right woman and get into a relationship.

This is exactly where I come in as a dating coach. I give you the proven strategy to get you more dates, so that way you can meet the right woman for you without wasting so much time swiping on dating apps and feeling frustrated. I have worked with men who have not only been able to have a more fulfilling dating life, but actually have helped them find an amazing life partner. It was all really in a mindset change, and the willingness to focus on this area of their life and get help.

If you want to get more dates this year and attract your perfect partner, then send me a message or apply on my site. We will set up a strategy call and we will crush 2023 together!

Looking forward to speaking to you!