Is Pride the #1 Roadblock to Success In Dating?
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Is Pride the #1 Roadblock to Success In Dating?

Published Fri Nov 12 2021

You're a professional or entrepreneur working 40+ hours every week.

You feel that there's more to life than just working day in day out.

You are sick and tired of waking up alone every single day. You get out of bed and thinking to yourself “this is not what i imagined my life would be like”

You thought that by now the success that you have in your career would just translate over in your love life. You thought it was part of the package.

Inside your head you're saying

I have success in my career. I have the money, I have the resources, but why am I still alone?

In your head, you're replaying the relationships you had back in high school or college and now thinking,

Why haven't I been able to meet and attract the women of my dreams?

I thought if I worked on my career that she would instantly just pop out and everything would work out perfectly.

Meanwhile some of your friends are already in relationships or are getting into one.

You are becoming the lone wolf and hope that a miracle will happen in your life to meet the right one.

You think that if you get help from an expert that it will make you look desperate and weak in front of other people.

You also think you can figure it out by yourself, but you've been on a plateau for years.

You care too much about what other people are going to think of you if you get help in your dating life so you rather suffer than get real results.

So you let ego be your biggest enemy and refuse to ask for help.

So you rather suffer and not get help and stay the same, and just waste a lot of time and energy, making this a constant cycle of a downward spiral.

My question to you is?

What are you going to do about it?

Stay the same and feel frustrated as hell or get a Men's Dating Coach that can give you real results without wasting time or feeling frustrated.