Is Our Masculinity in Crisis?
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Is Our Masculinity in Crisis?

Published Tue Apr 18 2023

In recent years, the tables have really turned for us guys, and we can probably trace it back to a guy named Harvey Weinstein. I’m sure you know, he’s the one that started the #metoo movement that kicked off the serenade of women coming forward to blast men from their past that tried to or did actually sexually assault them.

Now, a lot of these accusations were well-founded, including people like Weinstein and Bill Cosby. These are disgusting creepy men who have done a lot of wrong.

The problem is that following that started a wave through society and social media against all men. "Toxic Masculinity" And all because a couple of men ruined it for all of us! And here we are a couple years later, and there’s a lot of men who feel like masculinity is a bad thing.

When we talk about the dating realm, guys need to know there’s a difference between harassing a woman and talking to her. You have to be able to state your intention, read the room and accept rejection kindly and move on if that’s the case.

There’s nothing wrong with talking to a woman and stating your intention. If the woman reciprocates, then ask her out. If she says she’s not interested, move on! It’s that simple!

Getting mad at that person is just pure immaturity or giving up when there’s literally billions of women is the worst thing you can do.

It’s not bad to be a man, feel good about yourself or lead with women. It’s about how you go about things.

With things that have been circulating online and in social media on this topic, I get why guys are scared to dive head first into improving their dating life. But I have to tell you one thing:

It’s not as extreme in real life! There are women who will appreciate you as a man, and want to love and be loved by a man. Most women actually prefer their man to be masculine, to be a great leader and be confident in who he is.

But how many men are out there who are just nice guys trying to make it in the world, have a good career and find a loving woman but have a hard time attracting women because of the guilt they feel if they show interest.

Men are already statistically more likely to face loneliness, depression and suicidality, and this narrative may be making some of that even worse.

Guys are petrified to go and approach a woman and say hi, because, well, they might face scary backlash from her or other people. This is why I try to help my clients understand how to not come off as creepy, and it’s something many of them worry about before we start working together.

Even on dating apps, there’s a framework I give to my clients as well, to avoid coming off in a strange way and do it the right way!

You can be a good man, live a worthy life, be with a wonderful woman and go after what you want without being a bad person, because being a real man is not defined by just how manly you are or lacking there of, but how you become the leader in your life, take action and persevere. And you can do all of this while still being a kind person who has their own demons to overcome.

I teach guys how to be comfortable with themselves and have a level of confidence that helps them not only with women, but with life. If you want to reclaim your masculinity and start having success in your dating life and attract the right woman for you. Send me a DM.

You are one choice away from transforming your life and get the results that you deserve!