How to know if she's into you!
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How to know if she's into you!

Published Fri Mar 17 2023

As a guy, it’s very important to be aware of the indicators of interest from a woman. It’s how you know if she likes you, so you can make the moves and ask her out!

After all, most women don’t ask out men. However, they will display a lot of these signals for guys to get the hint that she has a crush on him! They actually may even be doing these things unknowingly when they are into someone.

So if you want to get better at reading these signs, you need to become a better observer. When I first work with a lot of my clients, I begin to see that they don’t really make eye contact with people. They also may be looking down at the ground when they are walking, or are constantly thinking that they are being judged by other people.This kills their ability to read the room!

The first thing you have to do is get out of your head, and start people watching more. I don’t mean in a creepy and weird way lol - you do not want to be a starer. I mean when you're going anywhere, start making eye contact with people and women. For others, this ability to naturally observe what’s going on around you in a public place comes like second nature. For the rest of people, they need to start being more aware of their surroundings.

Start to walk with your head up, and get into the habit of being a better observer. This will make you become better at gauging how people are, what their feeling and especially how women behave!

To first and foremost get good at reading if she’s into you, you need to pick up on her non-verbal communication. Be able to read her body language.

For example, pretend that you are grabbing some coffee at starbucks or at your nearest coffee shop.

You open up the door to the coffee shop, and you spot a woman who makes eye contact with you. As soon as you make eye contact if she is interested, she will immediately start playing with her hair. Or, she might scratch her wrist or do something fidgety with her body.

This is her saying she’s attracted to you. If she wasn’t, she would have never done this! It’s almost like a nervous movement that comes as a natural reaction.

Most women can’t control this, it is hardwired into them subconsciously when they are interested in a guy!

Another way is that when a woman finds you attractive, she will walk very closely to your perimeter, and then all of a sudden turn her back on you. It’s like an invitation of sorts, although it’s very subconscious as well. They want you to see them and pay attention to them, and then turn their back like they don’t care or are not so obvious about it.

Think of that famous handkerchief drop from back in the day, when a woman would “accidentally” drop her handkerchief in front of a guy so he would have to help her pick it up. It’s the same kind of idea, just not as out there. There may be a few women who are brave enough to make a move as obvious as that, but it’s a lot less likely.

Like I said earlier, most women don’t approach guys. Some do, but those times when a woman gets very close to you and then all of a sudden turns her back, she is getting close to you to see more about you. She is intrigued, then turns her back because this is her way of saying, make the move. I got close to you. Talk to me! This is where you need to strike up a conversation with her.

There’s other obvious signs that women will make, like if they keep looking at you, making eye contact or keep smiling at you and look away then look back. But these are the easy ones to spot.

Let’s get into the verbal aspects of indicators of interest. Have you ever seen a good looking guy sit down at a restaurant next to some girls, and the girls all of a sudden get louder? It’s not a coincidence.

Most of the time if you are ever at a networking or social event and a woman comes up to you and talks to you, she’s into you. This is why most men are competing for status. Because they want women to come up to them. If you are anywhere and a woman just strikes up a convo with you, well hey, she is the one making the moves on you!

If you are talking to a woman, and she is playing with her hair or touching you, and laughing at all your corny jokes, she’s into you.

Also, let’s say for example you guys are talking and then the convo gets quiet or a little awkward. She will try to keep the conversation going and keep changing topics or ask you questions! She doesn’t want the conversation to end because she likes you!

She’s buying time for you to get her number or social media.

Let’s not forget if she is teasing you! This is her way of flirting with you, and she wants you to get it and flirt back! This is where I see a lot of my clients have a challenge on being able to flirt and banter with women. This is why in our strategy calls that we have, we get a lot deeper on this, and they are far better equipped.

However, there are a couple things I want you to keep in mind. Do not only rely on signals women give you for them to go and talk to them. Learn from me. When I saw my wife at the gym she didn’t even see that I was there, and did not display any of these signals. Now we’ve been together for over 5 years. Some women are just more shy.

Now that you are more equipped in knowing a little more about how women are.

Become a better observer and take chances in talking to women you really are into!

Fortune will always favor the men who are bold over the men who wait in the sidelines their whole life!

If you want to know way more, and start getting more dates to get into a meaningful relationship with your dream woman, send me a message with “Im Ready” and I will personally help you crush all of your goals!