How to find a Faithful & Supportive Girlfriend in 2022
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How to find a Faithful & Supportive Girlfriend in 2022

Published Fri Jan 07 2022

The new year is here! I feel that the older I get, the faster that time goes by!

I used to always remember hearing my grandparents or older people tell me, “When you get older time is going to fly by faster.” I never really believed that saying until I started experiencing it for myself!

I feel that it was just the other day that everyone all over the world was panicking about Covid-19, and taking all the toilet paper and other essentials!

People were going crazy all over the world and that was in 2020! Now we are already in 2022!!!!

It’s crazy because time did fly by and now, we are in another start of the year!

That being said, what are your goals for 2022?

Perhaps the last two years you celebrated new years with no new year’s kiss, no amazing woman to have on your side, and that's totally ok! You were on your mission, chasing excellence and working on your career and other goals.

But there's this myth that I want to debunk. When people say, “John, don’t worry about looking for a partner. The right woman will come along your path one day and you will find her.”

Excuse my language but that's the biggest bull sh** advice that is not true, and someone has to say it. It is a common belief that most men or women think one day their partner is just going to fall from the sky and into their laps, and they will find their perfect girlfriend to marry to live happily ever after.

This type of belief is what keeps most people single for years! Literally YEARS, and for some, for life!!!!!
If you have been single for a while or have been in a toxic relationship, then it is time to build new goals in this area of your life.

Most people plan their goals in all aspects of their life. They have goals in their business, career, health, finances, and other goals that they have as hobbies or activities.

It's great that they have new goals to conquer, to get better and new skill sets to acquire, but one thing I noticed is that they don't have any plans and goals for their dating and love lives, so they don't advance in this area of their life!

We could argue that our love life is one of the most important areas of our life, but people do not have any plans to achieve what they want: To find a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with their dream partner!

This is one of the main reasons why most people go years without finding the right woman, and if they do, they end up settling down in a subpar relationship with a subpar partner who they don't really have much chemistry or passion with.
What's the point of life if professionals and entrepreneurs work so hard on their career or business to have major success in that avenue if they have a mediocre love life.

It just cancels out what they work so hard for!

I'm here to tell you that you can find the best of both worlds. A great career and a great love life! There's nothing that is stopping you from achieving this except for yourself!

If you want this year to change, you're going to have to put a little time and effort into making this dream become a reality. If you want to find your dream partner, you have to have goals in this avenue, plain and simple.

Let's get down to how!

The first step on how to find a girlfriend that is supportive in 2022 is to write down exactly what you want!

What do you want in this area of your life? What is your ideal type of woman and what are her characteristic traits you want her to have? Then, what values do you want her to also have?

It is impossible to be with someone who doesn't share your same values. For example, if later in life you want to start a family and have kids but the woman you're dating doesn't want to have kids.

It will never work out. The values are not the same. Or another example, you are the type of guy who doesn't want to go out to the clubs and bars every weekend but the woman that you're dating can't help herself but wants to get drunk every weekend with you or her single friends. It just won’t work out. Values are completely different.

These are the types of goals you need to have when it comes to knowing what you truly want in your dating and love life. Make it clear and concise so that you know if this woman you met does not have these core values, then it’s time to move on and keep searching.

The next step is to write down a plan on how you will meet women. Like I said earlier, don't take the bs advice on just waiting. How much longer do you want to wait?! Take action- there are so many different ways to meet women these days!

Go out and get out of your house and go and meet women. If you are complaining about being single, but yet in your leisure time you are playing video games or binge-watching shows on Netflix, then it is time to spend a little less time on those activities and find activities that you will meet women in!

One of the other steps is to improve your sense of style. Just like you're improving your finances, men who are high value men, never stop improving on their fitness and also their apparel. Start dressing a little nicer and take care of your hygiene.

You never know who you will run into. As they say “you never have a second chance to make a first impression.” In the beginning, people don’t judge your personality, they judge your appearance. Stop dressing so shabby and start to dress more proper. Just like some people think that being rich is evil, some people think that dressing nice is a bad thing. That is another myth that is false.

It is funny when men tell me that they want a quality girlfriend who's attractive and looks great in her fashion, but the man dresses like a cartoon character, wearing a loose t-shirt and old baggy jeans and some vans.

It is easy to fix that and completely revamp yourself. Doesn't take much time, but it takes some thinking and planning!

If you do these couple of things and start to plan your dating and love life, you will already see a lot of improvement and start to get more dates with women, so that you can end up finding the right girl to settle down with and find something meaningful!

Life is not meant to be working day in day out, coming home alone to an empty house and not having fulfillment in your love life!

No matter where you are at and what has happened to your past, you CAN find love! You can find the one!

If there are some people in your life who are negative nancies and just complain and have the victim mindset that all women are evil, cut them out of your life or stop hanging out with them as much. Start to hang out with others who are positive and all about a growth mindset!

I want you to have a blessed 2022 and make all of your dreams come true.

If you still have trouble getting dates with women and finding the right woman for you, you can always send me a message and I'd be happy to help this goal become a reality!

Don’t ever give up, and I'll see you on the winning side! #worksmarternotharder