How I helped out one of my clients who was an engineer find his perfect partner
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How I helped out one of my clients who was an engineer find his perfect partner

Published Tue Jun 20 2023

In the modern dating landscape, many professionals struggle to find their ideal partner. As a men's dating coach, my expertise lies in guiding individuals through the challenges of dating, helping them improve their online presence, texting skills, social skills, and communication.

In this article, we will explore how I transformed one of my clients dating life who was a software engineer and enabled him to attract the love of his life by enhancing his online presence, refining his texting strategies, creating successful and fun-filled dates, and sharpening up the art of flirting and bantering. This article will go a bit on how my coaching program helps my clients succeed in their love lives.

Maximizing Online Presence:

#1 As an engineer seeking love, my client needed assistance in optimizing his online presence. Before he worked with me he would barely get any matches and it was with women he wasn’t interested in. So we worked closely to create an engaging dating profile that showcased his unique qualities and highlighted his passions.

By carefully selecting high-quality photos and crafting an attention-grabbing bio, and adding witty prompts, I helped him stand out from the crowd and attract potential matches who resonated with his interests and personality.

You don’t have a second chance to make that first impression online so it is crucial for the profile to be super strong and market yourself the right way or else you're just another number and wasting time on apps.

Mastering Texting Strategies:

#2 Flakiness can be one of the most common issues in the online dating world. Not just him but sooo many guys have told me that after they match with a woman, they have a hard time getting dates. I would say this is the biggest bottleneck most men have in dating apps! They usually get ghosted, or the conversation eventually fizzles out.

I recognized this challenge and provided my client with effective texting strategies to set up dates without getting flaked on. By teaching him the art of crafting engaging and concise messages, along with being able to flirt and banter through text to make it more playful and be fun, I empowered him to create meaningful connections and secure dates in real life.

My guidance allowed him to navigate the texting phase with confidence and ensure a smooth transition to real-life interactions. If he ever needed help with the text messages he would simply ask me and I would give him the best answers for him to get those dates or to pass any shit tests women threw at him. If you don't know what shit test means. Look it up in the urban dictionary.

Creating Fun-Filled and Successful Dates:

#3 A key aspect of finding the right woman is creating memorable and enjoyable dates. I worked closely with my client to help him understand how to have successful dates and know how to spark up tension. We also strategized on where the best places to go on dates and the Do’s and don’ts.

This is super underrated because one of the most common things men hear after dates from a woman is: “You were nice, but I didn't feel a connection.” What this means is that she is saying she gave you a chance but you blew it. She lost interest during the date and didn't feel a spark!

This is where we brushed up on this aspect of his life and after each date he would write up a field report and from there, I was able to see a pattern that he was doing well at and also a pattern that he kept shooting himself in the foot and lose the woman’s attraction for him.

Each date he was getting more confident and this led him to feel more relaxed and can ultimately be his best self with discarding unattractive qualities he was doing before which was gamechanger!

Enhancing Social Skills and Communication:

#4 Recognizing the importance of social skills and communication, I helped my client develop the ability to flirt and banter effectively. Through frameworks I gave him, live role-playing exercises and practical tips, I equipped him with the tools to create a more playful and sexually attractive dynamic during conversations.

By encouraging him to embrace his personality and showcase his sense of humor, I gave him the right tools to move beyond mundane conversations and foster deeper connections based on shared interests and chemistry. I cannot stress this enough.

He went from being logical and having platonic conversations that led him to getting friendzoned to being more fun and creating a magnetic spark that made him way more successful in his dates.


Through my expert guidance and coaching, my client who I worked with was able to transform his dating life and find the love of his life. My assistance in improving his online presence, refining his texting strategies, creating successful and fun-filled dates, and enhancing his social skills and communication proved invaluable.

By getting a ton of dates he was able to meet and attract the right woman and moved beyond the dating stages and embarked on a fulfilling and meaningful relationship. My role as a men's dating coach played a significant part in his journey to success and finding lasting love.

If you also are in a place in your life where you want to find the right partner for you. Don’t hesitate to send me a message and we will set up an Initial Consultation Call.

You are one call away from transforming your love life!