Why using logic only is killing your game with women!
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Why using logic only is killing your game with women!

Published Sun Apr 10 2022

“If you handle your entire life with logic alone, you will end up a mess.” - Sadghuru

Why logic is killing your game with women!

The reason why it is hard for you to get more dates with attractive women and get into a meaningful relationship with your dream partner is because when you're working long hours, then you go on a date with a woman, it is hard to switch from being LOGICAL all day, to being more EMOTIONAL.

Women are emotional creatures and they respond best to how you can make them feel. And by being mister logical, it is the fastest way to make the date mundane and platonic.

Mundane and platonic = no excitement, no thrill, no emotion, too boring and NEVER seeing her again.

That's why the biggest recurring pattern that men hear after going on a date with a woman they are into is, “Hey thanks for last night, but i didn’t really find a connection with you. I’m sorry, best of luck.”

What she means is that you were a nice guy, but a boring guy that she didn't FEEL anything about because if she did, she would want to keep seeing you and chasing after you!

Women these days have way more options than guys, so if a woman can choose which guy she wants to keep seeing and stay with, it's not just going to be the guy who has the financial resources and a great career, but also the guy who has a GOOD SENSE OF HUMOR.

No matter who you are, your personality can be trained and improved, thereby making you MORE ATTRACTIVE towards women. And by being more attractive, it gives you the edge over the rest of the guys. Learn the cheat code and attract your dream partner.

The guy who can stimulate women's emotions by the way he behaves with her and how he can make her feel with his words and language, will be the guy who wins.

Women want to feel something on a date. Treating the date like an interview, asking a lot of questions, and just talking about subjects with no emotion or passion is the surest way to not get the second date.

Logic is something that most men are really good at and also use for their everyday profession, but when it comes to attracting a woman if you just use logic, you will surely fail and keep making the same fundamental mistakes.

That's why when I mentor men, I help them stop using logic with women and be more fun. Be more playful, be a challenge, learn how to tell stories that convey different emotions. Be overall more attractive!

When she asks you a question, don’t just give her a one word answer - tell her a story. Tell her how you got to where you are and share your experiences. Tease her, joke with her and let her know you’re a multifaceted man.

Learn how to flirt and banter so that the dates you are going on are fun, have some sexual tension, and can lead to getting into the next phases with women.

This is the biggest reason why no matter how successful a man is, if he lacks personality and a little humor, he will have a hard time attracting his dream woman.

Do not be the guy who is super successful in your career but lacks this major ingredient into your personality. Get equipped with this and I promise you that you will start to have more success and have the best of both worlds. A great profession and a great love life!

This isn't just to attract women, but used to keep your dream woman for life! To keep the relationship flourishing with passion, fun and excitement!

If you want to get equipped with these tools and learn how to have more successful dates and attract your dream partner, then send me a message and I'd be happy to help you crack the code!