#1 Reason Why Successful Men Are Single And Alone
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#1 Reason Why Successful Men Are Single And Alone

Published Wed Jan 11 2023

There’s a lot of factors, but I’ll be really honest with you . . .

The biggest reason why you are still alone is because you don’t want to ask anyone for help!!!!

That’s the number one reason men will struggle for years, if not their whole life with women. It’s because their ego tells them that they don’t need any help, and that they can just do it all by themselves.

Let’s be real though, how long have you been telling that terrible lie to yourself and still haven’t gotten much results?

I remember about ten years ago, I was in the same boat. My dating life was terrible. I didn’t know how to talk to women, how to flirt, and how to make the conversations more man to woman rather than mundane. I would often run out of things to say. I didn’t get many dates. If any, they were just through luck.

If I met a girl and it didn’t work out because I didn’t actually have any skills, I would be in a drought for months!

I’d be like a lion in the sahara desert; having not eaten for a year about to die from starvation haha.

But what did I do that changed all of this??

The first thing I did was I admitted to myself that me trying to figure this all out would never work. I accepted my reality and after I did this, I was willing to learn and seek help!

I first started reading books about dating that led me to meet some of the best dating coaches at the time. I went to their seminars. I got help, and this changed my life!

I feel that most guys are not willing to accept their reality and are living in denial. They are telling themselves, “I'll find someone, one day,” without actually having a proper gameplan.

That is the surest way to fail in this aspect of your life.

Going back to what happened in my dating life, when I finally seeked out pros to help my dating life, I started to get better results with women. I started getting more dates, I started feeling more confident and my life got a whole lot better!

Through meeting a lot of women, I ultimately found the love of my life and married her!

I truly don't think that this would have happened to me if I didn’t reach out and get help.

If I could have done it any better, it would have been just starting earlier. But it’s not about where you start. It’s about what you do and how you finish!!!!!

It’s not your fault that you're not having success with women. A big reason is because of our education system. From k-12 and college, there was never a class on how to talk to women, how to have success in dating apps, how to choose the right woman and how to keep her. Most guys are not natural charmers and aren’t born with such a huge social network filled with women. They are just normal dudes like you and me, and will have a hard time in our dating lives because we never actually learn.

For those who won’t ever get help, they will suffer greatly. They will accept whoever stumbles into their life that they can get. What a shitty way to live. What’s the point of making 6-7 figures if ultimately you choose someone you don’t really care about?

To the ones who know that they need to change and want to make a lasting change and get feedback on this, they will be the ones who will succeed, get a lot of dates and find the love of their lives.

So if you are the type of guy that wants to have a breakthrough year, you know what to do! There’s no time to wait!

Message me if you want to break out of this pattern and have a fulfilling and meaningful love life- with someone you actually value!